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Beauty and Diabetes



A person with Diabetes need not be discriminated against when it comes to beauty treatments for fear of them being contra-indicated to a treatment.  The truth is that yes, Diabetes does need to be taken into account when performing a treatment, but when performed by an experienced and knowledgable therapist many symptoms of Diabetes can actually be improved.  So what treatments can the girls at Body Sense offer using their knowledge and training with diabetes ?

Over a period of time, diabetes can result in neuropathy, which is damage to the sensory nerves, and occurs most often in the hands and feet. Ingrown toe nails and cracked heels are very commonplace.  All of this is a very serious business and do it yourself pedicures carry the risk of being done improperly. If the nails are cut too short, if you nick yourself or your soaking water is too hot, you can open yourself up to a host infections.

Our Professional pedicurists are trained in treating the feet of people with diabetes. They know to be gentle, the do's and don'ts and will point out to you any wounds or other symptoms that they notice while helping you. Safety is a prime concern, and it's a good idea to ensure that you get treatment with someone experienced.  Blood circulation is increased with the very gentle massage. This is what helps retain normal skin colour in the foot. Cracked skin is also treated through the use of massage to get the nerves stimulated and if left untreated, bacteria can enter the cracks.  Moisturisers rich in vitamin E and avocado oils help to rehydrate the skin.

At Body Sense we exercise great care with hygiene and sterilisation to kill bacteria and viruses helping to ward off conditions such as Athlete's foot. On top of that, a pedicure is relaxing, which is good for your whole being!

MASSAGE AND TONING TABLE - increased circulation and passive exercise.
Some studies have suggested that regular massage may help to reduce anxiety, headaches, depression, work stress and anger therefore could help to regulate blood glucose, and massage can significantly increase serum insulin action, thereby potentially decreasing blood glucose levels in people with type-1 diabetes.

If you are starting out on exercise and haven’t been active, much less than that can make a real difference.  Our toning table could be the perfect introduction to exercise, a passive form of exercise allowing the bed to support you through different stretches and gentle movements.

Although there is no evidence that massage itself is harmful or contra-indicated, we have been guided to suggest that people with diabetes follow these common-sense precautions when planning a massage or toning table session:

* As with exercise, don't schedule a massage during the peak of insulin activity. If you inject intermediate-acting insulin at breakfast, about eight hours later in mid-afternoon would be a good time for a massage. If you use a rapid-acting or short-acting insulin, a good time for a massage would be anywhere from one to three hours after injection.

* When you book your treatment, advise that you have diabetes in order for us to provide the best possible treatment for you. You may want to talk to your doctor before using massage therapy, there is a theoretical risk that massage for diabetes may induce hypoglycaemia in insulin-using patients as a result of drop in blood glucose levels, however no studies have yet reported any adverse effects from Swedish massage or acupressure, so there no reason for you to miss out!!

When it comes to waxing, the main issue with diabetes is the potential for reduced wound healing ability, which can mean the client is more susceptible to infection; any injury to the skin caused by waxing is therefore a concern. Those clients with vascular damage and/or neuropathy are at particular risk, so a full consultation is vital.

With the proper care and precautions (which we treat all our clients with): low temperature wax that is temp-tested, a gentle wax suitable for sensitive skin, great care in supporting the skin properly during the treatment, and ensuring proper aftercare is adhered to then it is likely that waxing is fine to proceed with.

Check out our other treatments too, facials, manicures, spray tans many of which can be adapted  if need be or more often they are absolutely fine for someone with diabetes to enjoy too, so why not give yourself a treat?

Kerry Douglas
Body Sense Beauty Salon
54 The Street, Rustington, BN16 3QJ
01903 850680 www.bodysensebeauty.com

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