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Jools' Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle 06/08/2013
Jools' Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle...

When Jools enlisted Leanne Levitt as his Personal Trainer he didn’t know what he was in store for or how far he would progress! He made a block booking of 10 sessions with Leanne and discussed his goals, new lifestyle choice and barriers stopping him from achieving his goal.  His main barrier was that he was a competitive body builder many years ago (and his head was still telling him he was although his body was saying otherwise!) and since his son was born had not paid attention to his training or diet since and had to be put on the right track again which was appropriate for his personal goals.  Jools and Leanne worked on his training in the ‘here and now’ as opposed to his previous fitness level and after some negotiations regarding overtraining and training schedules they developed a working relationship and partnership that worked for both of them.  Leanne is always there for her clients but placed the responsibility onto them to achieve their goals and to incorporate it into their lifestyle and what is best for the client.  Leanne certainly has put Jools through his paces!  You name it he has done it!  There is always a theme to their workouts....military style, legs only, pushing, pulling, endurance rowing, supersets.....oh and don’t forget having fun and lots of banter :-)  On a serious note, the results and pictures speak for themselves....losing 6% body fat, 10cm (3.2inces) off his waist in a mere 8 weeks is no mean feat and is down to hard work and dedication.  Jools has now improved his life expectancy, health, outlook on life and looks good and feels great!

Leanne Levitt and Jools Chaffer look forward to combining business and Personal Training and can been seen at Networking Events together across the South Coast.  LLPT looks forward to working with and promoting dizzy in the future.

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