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dizzy is very supportive of diabetic children.
As a parent of a diabetic child, I know first hand how much of a constant challenge it is to keep their focus on managing their blood sugar levels. dizzy provided sponsorship for my child to attend a Diabetic week that aims to help children cope and understand their condition. This helped my child enormously, not the least being for a week she was "normal" and not the odd one in the class.

Julia P

dizzy is also very supportive of the local childrens diabetic group.I Have worked with them in their new buddy system, where you team up with someone else who has diabetes and provide a shoulder to lean on and someone to laugh with, someone who understands what you are going through, and someone you can help. Excellent work and lovely people!

Dean S

The team at dizzy does a fantastic job in raising awareness of diabetes, of educating children and adults about it, helping people with diabetes to manage their condition, and raising much needed funds. Their success is due to the skills, experiences and passion of founders Jools and Jane, and a committed team of staff and volunteers.

Liz H

I am a grateful teenager that has Type 1 diabetes. dizzy assisted me with funding to go away and stay at a diabetes educational holiday. I don’t know how to thank you enough for it has given prospective on my diabetes.

From going away on the camp I met and made new friends who could understand what I was going through. For many years I have felt quite isolated and very alone in the world but this educational camp has just showed me how many people have diabetes and feel the same way. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.

V. Peters

Diabetes is an issue that affects my family & the same could be true for anyone else in the future regardless of their current state of health. dizzy put a huge effort into promoting both awareness & best practice at a local & national level. At the same time they also provide people with jobs. All in all an excellent CiC.

Gavin F

I was delighted with the information and support pack which I recieved from dizzy following my diabetes diagnosis. Jools and his team are empathetic, understanding and extremely supportive to our needs. Added to the hard work which they all put in to raise funding for the cause, they truly are an organisation which Worthing could ill afford to be without. Keep up the good work guys and gals. We love you being there for us.

Steve G

To see more of our ever building bank of testimonials please look on the bestofworthing website

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